Beach House and Island Tour

Sunset on Lord Howe

Sunset at Old Settlement Beach

Arajilla Lounge

Arajilla Lounge Area

Lovers Bay

Mount Gower

Lovers Bay view to Mount Gower

Lovers Bay scenery

Foot prints at Blinky Beach

Sunrise at Blinky Beach

Blinky Beach through the grass

Lagoon view from Lovers Bay

View of Mount Gower from Lovers Bay

The Lagoon and the Jetty

Sunset at the Lagoon

Rocks on the Lagoon

Sitting on the Rocks

View from Old Settlement Beach

Kentia Palm

Snorkeling with fish

The corner tables at Arajilla Restaurant

Table setting at Arajilla Restaurant

Arajilla Restaurant decor

Arajilla dining room

Arajilla fine dining

Blue Peters Decor


Shearwaters at Blinky Beach

Shearwater flying over Blinky Beach

Ayurvedic Day Spa waiting room

Ayurvedic Spa treatment closeup

Day Spa Treatment

Statue at Ayurvedic Day Spa

Shirodhara oil pouring treatment

Shirodhara oil treatment

Shirodhara Treat at Arajilla

Shirodhara treatment in progress

Shirodhara Treatment oil pouring

Day Spa Flowers

Ayurvedic Day Spa decor

Arajilla Ayurvedic Day Spa top deck

Arajilla Ayurvedic Spa deck entry

Spa bath treatment

Relaxing on Lord Howe

Ayurvedic Spa Bath

Day spa bath

Relaxing at the Arajilla spa

Arajilla Ayurvedic spa bath treatment

Ayurvedic Spa Bath

Day Spa waiting room

Turtle and Kayak

Sea Turtle

Snorkeling Neds Beach

Snorkelling around Coral

Snorkeling Lord Howe

Swimming at Old Gulch

Old Gulch

View from Goats Cave

Fish at Neds Beach

Underwater at Needs Beach

Bike Riding at Neds Beach

Rain Forest Walk at the Valley of the Shadows

Walking through the Kentia Palms

Adventure for every body

Rain Forest Trekking

Rain forest adventurer

Bicycle Riding on Lord Howe

Bicycle Riding in front of Arajilla

Bicycle Riding

Stars through the Kentia Palms


Blue Peter Lounge

Blue Peter Study

Blue Peter bathroom

Blue Peter Kitchen

Blue Peter spare bedroom

Blue Peter Master Bedroom

Blue Peter – Deck in the afternoon

Blue Peter Deck at night

Blue Peter beach side timber deck

Blue Peter Artwork

Blue Peter beach with mountain views

Blue Peter beach and lagoon

The mountains from the lagoon

Mt Gower from the Saddle

Nature’s architectural genius at Erskine Valley

kayaking thru the arch at Roach Island

Cap Cloud over the mountains from the airstrip

Blinkie Beach

South East side of Gower

Razorback off Southern tip of Gower

Mist forest Mt Gower

Boat Harbour

Early morning looking south from Malabar

Herring Pool at Curio Point

Mt Lidgbird from Mt Gower

Fungus within the mist forest on Mt Gower

Motor vehicle delivery

Ned’s beach

Looking at the twin mountains from the lagoon at low tide

Erskine Valley

Erskine Valley in between the two mountains

Eastern coast of Lord Howe Island

Balls Pyramid

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